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    Learn more about our products:

    How are these rubber based products applied in the real world?

    Why Ultimate RB?

    There are several factors that distinguish Ultimate RB from other manufacturers of recycled rubber products:

    • Ultimate RB is the only manufacturer with the three distinct production processes described above, and this allows the company to offer an unrivaled variety of products for use in many different industries and applications.
    • Ultimate RB also stands out as the only manufacturer producing its own tire crumb, EPDM granules and, through its affiliation with other Accella subsidiaries, its own urethane binder.
    • With full control over the production of materials used to make its products, Ultimate RB can offer quality control and reliability that no competitor can match.
    • Finally, Ultimate RB is the only manufacturer with production facilities in the east and the west, which enable the company to economically serve customers from coast to coast.

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