Custom Rubber Products

Ultimate RB produces many custom rubber products for clients in a wide variety of industries. With extensive molding and cutting expertise, Ultimate RB can manufacture custom products to your design using recycled tire crumb.

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of recycled rubber products, we have extensive expertise and experience in molding, skiving, cutting and processing formulations of recycled rubber, EPDM and urethane binder into all manners of shapes and sizes.

We can also incorporate a variety of chemical additives such as antimicrobials and colorants into the formulations, and we can add metal/plastic inserts, reflective tape and bolt-on hardware as well. Our staff of degreed chemists and technicians can assist you with product design and testing, and we can offer various kinds of certifications through our relationships and A2LA accredited laboratories. Let Ultimate RB use this expertise to help you achieve your “green” product objectives.