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  • Accella Performance Materials Announces Acquisition of Zeus Tyrefill Systems GmbH

    Combines Best of High Performing Products, Services and Equipment Systems To Provide Added Value

    St. Louis, MO – Accella Performance Materials, Inc., a leading manufacturer of polyurethanes, plastisols and recycled rubber products, today announced the acquisition of Zeus Tyrefill Systems GmbH (“Zeus”), a leading manufacturer of tyre fill systems and flatproofing solutions for heavy duty industrial and “off the road” vehicles. Zeus will be a subsidiary of Accella Polyurethane Systems, further building the tyre fill business along with the Arnco and Pathway Performance Polymers subsidiaries.

    As one of the leading suppliers of tyre fill products and systems in Europe with over 30 years of innovation and product development, Zeus enhances the global offering of the Accella tyre fill business. The solutions provided by the combined Accella tyre fill business (Zeus, Arnco and Pathway) cost- effectively improve safety and increase productivity in demanding industrial, military and agricultural applications where operating equipment reliability is critical, specifically versus traditional pneumatic or solid tyres. The tyre fill products employ a proven and robust polyurethane-based compound which is pumped into the tyre’s air cavity through its normal air inflation port. So, especially versus solid tyres, which cause “solid shock” due to the direct transfer of vibration to both the operating equipment and the human operator, the tyre fill solution improves operator safety and comfort, and reduces tyre heat build- up, as well as reducing equipment maintenance costs by absorbing much of the extreme operating vibration. Tyres filled with the Accella tyre fill products ride like a pneumatic tyre, but provide the obvious advantage of making the tyre flatproof, even in the most demanding applications.

    Accella CEO, Andy Harris, said, “The acquisition of Zeus represents a key next step in the strategic growth of our global polyurethane systems business, and especially with our focus on providing our customers in the tyre fill segments the greatest value through the best technology, service and convenient global locations. Zeus is a wonderful compliment to Arnco and Pathway within the Accella group.” The acquisition of Zeus represents the fourth acquisition of Accella since 2012.

    John Televantos, a Partner at Arsenal Capital which acquired Accella in 2012, said, “We are very pleased to bring Zeus into the Accella group and with the progress of Accella overall, which has grown to over $300 million in revenue over the past 2 years. Zeus helps to strengthen the Accella polyurethanes platform. We are committed to the support and growth of Accella and will continue to invest in strategic opportunities that will further transform the business.”

    Roy Seroussi, a Principal at Arsenal Capital said, “Zeus has a long history of proven products, innovation and positive reputation that fit very well with Accella’s history and culture. This will help support our customers’ growth and competitiveness, as we further expand the Accella polyurethane systems and tyre fill business.

    Martin Roesler, the former owner of Zeus who will continue as Managing Director of Zeus, said, “We are delighted to be part of the Accella tyre fill team. This combination brings together the best high performing products, people, services and equipment systems to provide our customers even greater value.”