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History – From RB Rubber to Ultimate RB

1985 1995 1999 2001 2014
RB Rubber was established in 1985 by Ron Bogh when he purchased an inventor’s experimental process for making matting products out of recycled tires. The company grew rapidly to become the leading manufacturer of equine matting in the United States. In 1995, the company developed the molding process that is used to produce playground safety tiles and other products, and it purchased a tire recycling facility in 1998. RB Rubber was purchased in 1999 by Accella Performance MaterialsTM (previously DASH Multi-Corp), a diversified St. Louis-based holding company established in 1974 by the entrepreneur Marvin Wool. The company greatly expanded its flooring products offering via the addition of a rolled rubber production process in 2001. In May 2014, AccellaTM acquired RDT Manufacturing and RTH Processing. RTH is the largest US manufacturer of EPDM granules, available in a limitless variety of colors. RDT produces rolled rubber products and tiles made from recycled materials.

With the combination of these companies came a need for a new name, ULTIMATE RB. Today, Ultimate RB is one of the largest and most technically advanced manufacturers of recycled rubber products in the world.

Why We’re Unique

There are several factors that distinguish Ultimate RB from other manufacturers of recycled rubber products:

  • Ultimate RB is the only manufacturer with the three distinct production processes described above, and this allows the company to offer an unrivaled variety of products for use in many different industries and applications.
  • Ultimate RB also stands out as the only manufacturer producing its own tire crumb, EPDM granules and, through its affiliation with other AccellaTM subsidiaries, its own urethane binder.
  • With full control over the production of materials used to make its products, Ultimate RB can offer quality control and reliability that no competitor can match.
  • Finally, Ultimate RB is the only manufacturer with production facilities in the east and the west, which enable the company to economically serve customers from coast to coast.

With this combination of product line diversity, quality control, and multiple production sites, Ultimate RB is uniquely positioned to offer consistent quality and value to customers in a broad range of industries.


We are members of many industry associations and work to support the growth and advancement of our industry. We understand that the highest standards encourage innovation to create top quality products.